Temperatures rose today in Syntagma Square not only due to the heat. The security forces unions marched from Kolokotroni Square to Syntagma carrying banners against the Mnemonium and the austerity measures it brings with it.

The uniformed policemen, firemen and port guards accompanied by their families stayed at the bottom part of the Square chanting “Take your mnemonium and get out of here”.

At the same time a discussion on “what happens afterwards” was taking place on the Square itself and on the top part a large group was shouting “thieves”.

On the stairs a group of students and other youths is trying to coordinate the activities on the day (28 June) the 2nd Mnemonium will go to Parliament for ratification. A 48 hour general strike is being called for 28 and 29 June 2011.

The Square has a birthday tomorrow, it becomes one month old!!! Nobody knows what will come out of it but the people’s insistence, patience, peaceful gatherings and their search for a collective solution can only have good results.