I was shocked yesterday reading about the killings of innocent children in the US. I am more shocked today reading about the drowning of 18 immigrants (obviously illegal) whose bodies were found near the island of Lesvos.

Surrounded by madness we need to concentrate on the central themes of these problems. People who immigrate are people trying to escape poverty or violence in their own countries. A person who invades a school, kills a teacher and shoots at innocent children is a person out of control, for reasons unknown. Common point: despair and loneliness.

It sounds irrelevant comparing the two tragedies (there are many more..) but stop and consider: if there were agencies that all these people could turn to, if there were helping hands that they could reach for, if there were better medical facilities providing care to disturbed people, if we spent our resources towards helping the needy instead of making profits and buying things (which most often do not make us happy anyway…) would it not be a better world?

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you and any suggestions are welcome.