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Golden Dawn leaders arrested this morning

Golden Dawn President arrested this morning

Golden Dawn President arrested this morning

Mihalis Mihaloliakos, Golden Dawn President, was arrested this morning together with the party’s Parliament speaker George Kassidiaris.

The two arrests came as a climax after a police probe into the far-right, nazi party’s activities.

It is extremely disturbing that the probe, ordered at the highest level, came only after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in a working class suburb in Piraeus. Several accusations for assault against immigrants and gays have gone unnoticed; the attack, on television, against Greek Communist party and SYRIZA MPs, the siege and subsequent closing down of a progressive theater in central Athens have had no repercussions on the party or its leaders. One of the Nikaia doctors, where Pavlos Fyssas body was taken,  said to reporters that he has had to take care of many immigrants who had been similarly attacked but by less “experienced” killers.

This mild treatment by both the state and the mass media emboldened the members of the party and led to the murder of the anti-fascist, rapper musician.

Massive rally in progress in Athens center

A general strike of the private and public sectors is taking place today. A demonstration has also been called and is in progress as I write. 

The murder of the young antifascist activist, Pavlos Fyssas, has caused an additional rally for this evening together with a music concert outside the Polytechnic School on Patission street.


Cold blooded murder by self avowed fascist in Piraeus Greece

Pavlos Fysas, a 34 year old antifascist rapper, was stubbed to death late last night in Piraeus, the Athens port. The culprit, a 55 year old, was arrested on the spot and admitted his affiliation to the fascist Golden Dawn.

All political parties have condemned the event in harsh terms but a statement by the Public Peace Ministry is still pending.

Greek society is awed by the spiral of violence unleashed by the organisation. Last night’s murder happened days after an attack on Communist Party members, also  in a Piraeus suburb.

Come September

My pc decided to take its annual vacation during August this year, together with every e-shop in my area. I ended up answering my e-mails from a billiard room, smoky, noisy, conducive to nothing more intelligent or intelligible than hellos and jokes and posting nothing!

But September is here, the month of duties, of income tax returns, of school opening, of my birthday.

The latest from us here in beautiful Greece: 

a. Heat – the month has started with higher temperatures than August and the humidity rocketing.

b. The only people with a good income this month are the bookkeepers and tax specialists.  This is the first time that everyone submits his income tax return electronically. Every child and grandchild has been commissioned to help the elderly but they are not enough. Rules and regulations change daily, the tax offices are not sufficiently manned, mistakes are a daily occurrence and a long cues to correct them have become an everyday event!

c. Schools opened yesterday, September 11 (NOT the best of dates as omens go…). The students were given books but found fewer teachers than last year.

d. Tsohatzopoulos’trial continues to claim air time but people are largely uninterested.

e. Athenians spend the best time of the week looking for friends or acquaintances with a summer house who can accommodate them for the week end..

But the best part of September is that all performers who were touring Greece during the summer are now back in Athens. Concerts and plays, film festivals and art performances are at their peak and at low prices.

I wish you all a good  autumn/fall!