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Terrorist attack in Greek Civil Protection Ministry

A booby-trapped package destined for Mihalis Chrysohoidis, Civil  protection Minister, exploded in the hands of his security chief  Giorgos Vassilakis killing him instantly.

The big question that hangs over Greece is how the trapped packet passed the allegedly strict security checks at a ministry that is about the best guarded spot in the country!!  Just to spice things up there were reports that due to the Minister’s recent wedding and the amount of presents that arrived there was an unusual “laxity” on matters of security!!!

Balkan Women’s Solidarity Caravan travels to Turkey

European Social Forum in Istanbul

The World March of Women has taken the initiative and with the cooperation of women’s organizations in Albania, FYROM, Greece and Poland, continues its march towards Istanbul.

Their first stop is Thessaloniki, on Monday 28 June where they have a festive gathering and a press conference.

In Istanbul, the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2010,  women from the Balkans will join Women from all over Europe for a day of discussion on feminist issues, various thematic assemblies and a lot of music and food. After a short trip on the Bosporus cruiseboats the women will have a rally in Taxim Square that will serve as the launching point for the 2010 European Social Forum

Greece 23 June 2010: Daily strikes report

The latest attack on the labour laws is causing a new wave of strikes in Greece. This morning PAME, the Communist Party of Greece affiliated workers’ movement, held a rally before the Ministry of labour. At 7 o’clock there is another unionist rally – this time supported by SYRIZA – Coalition of Radical Left – taking place in a square between Syntagma and Omonia – aptly named Klathmonos. Klathmonos in Greek means “weeping” and the tradition is that it took its name from the weeping civil servants who were fired every time a new government was elected. This was actually the reason that now a civil servant is a permanent employee: the measure was originally taken to protect civil servants against the parties’revanchism and protect the state from nepotism. Unfortunately, it’s gone awry somewhere along the way…..

summer tiiiime

It must be in the high 30’s here in Athens. That means it’s time for open air cinema.

In the open air cinemas which are found in every neighbourhood in Athens you watch the film, eating souvlaki, popcorn or nachos, drinking cold drinks or beers and of course for those who do .. you can smoke. It is the ultimate Greek summer relaxation. It originated when there was no television and very little affordable entertainment. The cinemas were surrounded by high walls covered with sweet smelling jasmine and often climbed over by the poorest urchins to watch the movie for free.

You have not tasted real Greek summer unless you have visited one.. Ohh and dont forget a “granita” – what you call  slushie – strawberry usually