Sunday has always been a special day for the majority of Greek families. Those of us who are ardent Christians do not miss church. Those of us who are not also do not miss church: we visit the church yard for a chat and in order to meet friends and go for a coffee or an ouzo and chat some more.

Sunday lunch is a family tradition rarely ignored and generally enjoyed.

Therefore, let us forget the grave situation of our economy, the unemployment rate, the rising taxes and the cuts in social services and try some ouzo mezedes ( for those of you new to “mezedes” it means dishes served in small portions to whet the appetite for what follows).

I will list my favourites and you can find endless lists and of course be creative with your own:

– grilled eggplants and green peppers, served with crushed garlic and sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar. You can always change my suggestion for your favourite vegetables (mushrooms are excellent) but remember these are vegetables in season in Greece during the summer.
A tower of vegetables
-grilled octopus or calamari if you can find some big enough, dressed in an olive oil – lemon sauce ( 2 portions of olive oil one of lemon juice)
-a glorious greek salad topped with olives, capers, rocket and a lot of feta cheese. Tomatoes are really memorable this time of the year.
Drink your ouzo slowly and preferably with ice. There is a choice between ouzos with aniseed and without. Select the one you like and STIN YGIA SAS or cheers.