On Monday 19 November, in his weekly broadcast called “Anatropi” (Reversal or overthrow) Yiannis Pretenteris, a well-known but not much loved journalist, presented the latest opinion poll carried out by GPO on behalf of MEGA channel.

The numbers have remained more or less the same with previous polls:

SYRIZA                                  22.3%

New Democracy                   20.1%

Golden Dawn                       10.3%

PASOK                                    7.5%

Independent Greeks           6.5%

KKE                                        4.6%

DHMAR                                 5.00%

Another party                     4.4%

Blanc/abstention               9.1%

Refused to answer          10.2%

It is interesting to note that the poll took place immediately after the austerity measures were voted in Parliament. In spite of the people’s indignation and despair against these measures Mr.Samaras was voted as the best man for the PM’s job by 44.5% of the poll participants with Mr. Tsipras of SYRIZA lagging behind him with 33%. In addition it must be noted that 43.9% of the people believe that the government did not negotiate at all while 40% believe that the Government negotiated but not efficiently.

Another worth noting result is that the vast majority of people think that new elections will not solve the problem (71.2%) while 73.90 regard a SYRIZA government as a negative development.

Keeping in mind that opinion polls are rarely trustworthy the results of this particular one demonstrate the utter confusion of Greek society.