While the mass transport system seems to be back in operation, the Greek government is faced with a new challenge. Subway, suburban railway and trolley employees have halted their strike while bus drivers are still debating their next move.

In the meantime the agricultural world has started mobilizing with its own demands. Tractors are collecting in Lamia, central Greece, and near Kilkis, more to the North.

According to local reports (www.lamiareport.gr) the farmers’leaders stated that they will remain at their posts until their representatives, who are at the moment in Athens meeting with parties and government representatives, are satisfied that their demands will be met.
“We shall be everywhere, on the national roads, the ports, the airports, the customs, at the frontiers. Whether tractors will be removed depends on the outcome of the meetings with political leaders and Ministers. If the outcome does not satisfy us we shall close the roads indefinitely. It is in the hands of the government whether it will satisfy our demands.”

The farmers’ main demands are the price of petrol, the production cost, the VAT and the taxation system – “which may be the greatest trap” as they claim.

In the morning the farmer’s representatives met with Alexis Tsipras, SYRIZA leader, who assured them that he would bring the matter to the Parliament. They are currently meeting with leaders from other parties.

Source: Lamiareport.gr