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Five causes for resistance and solidarity in Greece today

We need to resist the totalitarian attitude of the Greek government who, in the name of an elusive “development” has started a war against anyone who disagrees with its measures. We need to express our solidarity and support to the many people suffering by this attitude.

  1. A modern Bethlehem has been set up in Syntagma Square: Syrian refugees, among them children and one pregnant woman, have started a hunger strike to be given traveling documents to reach other parts of Europe. A SYRIZA MP has expressed his decision to join them.
Syrian refugees on hunger strike

Syrian refugees on hunger strike


  1. Nicos Romanos, a 20+ armed robbery convict, has passed his University Entrance Exams while in prison but is being refused permission to attend classes. He is on hunger strike for over two weeks now and his health is in danger. Romanos first came to the limelight because he was with Alexis Grigoropoulos the night he was shot and killed by a riot policeman. In spite of the police efforts there is no proof that the young man was ever involved in terrorist activities.
Nikos Romanos at the time of his arrest

Nikos Romanos at the time of his arrest

  1. In Northern Greece the attacks on environment and on the populace trying to protect it continue. Largely ignored by the mainstream media the resistance of the people of Chalkidiki goes on.
Skouries demonstration

Skouries demonstration

  1. Police brutality is on the increase. After the uncalled attacks on the Disabled people’s demonstration last week there was further proof of it last night.

young girl attacked

  1. A trainer in the police Academy has come forward andstated that while teaching one of the cadets stated “I am a fascist and proud of it”. The most disturbing feature of the incident is that it was applauded by the rest of the class.

The bet for Greek society is how to resist efficiently, how to stand next to the suffering citizens without taking away their dignity.

One example by the newly elected regional government: Ms. Rena Dourou suggested to the Minister for Interior Affairs Mr.Dinopoulos to use 2.5 billion marked for festive activities to re-electrify poor households in their area. The proposal had been put forth by the audience in a popular tv show and became a reality. We could do more


Papandreou’s government in a panic

The violence unleashed against peaceful in their majority protestants has exposed Papandreou’s panic before the massive disapproval of his government’s policies.

The new austerity measures passed in Parliament voted only by PASOK members of Parliament with one exception. Almost at the same time scuffles started on Syntagma Square. The number of special forces, motorcyclists and uniformed policemen is unprecedented.
Despite the asphyxiating atmosphere in and around Syntagma Square the enraged keep coming back from little alleys and side streets. The police spray chemicals indiscriminately and when these finish they throw pieces of marble, dislodged before by the hooded hooligans, at the crowd. A young man is injured and taken to hospital.
There are still people on Syntagma Square and there are appeals for help from people injured and trapped in Syntagma metro station.
In Evangelismos about 21 people were treated and only two admitted for treatment. Other central hospitals reported about 30 more cases of breathing problems, beatings, head injuries etc.
The People’s Assembly tried to convene at a nearby Square (Monastiraki) and was attacked. The last press statement issued is titled: You do not frighten us – you rouse us.
You can read it in Spanish and Dutch :