Approaching Syntagma Square a lone protester, waving a pole with various flags on it and dressed in Greek traditional costume is enjoying the unusual quiet of Stadiou street. At a closer examination: Stadiou street, the road that connects Omonia Square to Syntagma and the Parliament is cordonned off. A march by PAME (Communist Party of Greece branch) is marching to protest against the educational reforms – therefore the flag of the teachers unions – both primary and secondary.

On Syntagma itself not many people yet – it is midday and the call is for 6pm- but one can see the tents, a first aid center and on the walls several messages to the Government but also to other European citizens in trouble.

The presence of PAME probably discouraged and angered people but noone reacted. While the whole movement is non-party aligned there is a strong flirting by the left wing forces.

A reborn Christian and the youth enjoying the fact that he is there.

One last remark: no police presence!!! The Greek government is adopting a tolerant view of the situation hoping that it will blow off.
All the photographs were taken by me so USE them if you like.