Panos Beglitis, former Minister of Defence in George Papandreou’s government and now PASOK spokesman, stated during a television interview at the state television in November 2011, that the participation of the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) in the Papademos government was a political mistake.
When asked by journalist Kostas Arvanitis what he thought the repercussions of this “mistake” would be on Greek society Mr. Beglitis stated (I am quoting as much as possible- the greek speakers can check my translation): “This case reminds me of the famous British movie “My dear laundry”. LAOS’ participation in the government acts as a laundry, it cleans up or makes forget its fascist and extreme right foundation.” And later on he added what every democratic citizen has been thinking all along: “The participation of LAOS strengthens the view that all politicians are the same”.

This is the point the left has been making since this government was formed. Beyond its present inefficiency, its inability to deal with the huge problems, this government undermines the democratic achievements of the post junta period by legitimising a party with fascist, xenophobic and extreme right views.