G.Kafkas (the name rings a bell, does it not?), the young demonstrator who was brutally beaten by the police special forces during the peaceful demonstration of the 11th of May, has been taken out of the intensive care unit of the General Hospital of Nikea and is now treated in a normal, neurosurgical ward.
His case together with the daylight murder of a father-to-be by Afghan immigrants has caused uproar in Athens. Neo-nazi and fascist groups unleashed a pogrom against immigrants in the historical center of Athens but also in areas (Kalithea, a working class neighbourhood) were such actions were unheard of. The government seems unable to do anything else but take repressive measures to no avail. Anti-racist organizations are making suggestions but are not heeded. Populist right – wing politicians nurture the people’s fear of blind violence and their despair when faced with unemployment. Everything is blamed on immigrants and the government, faced with the tremendous economic burden, remains silent and inactive since the “foreigners” or “xenoi” are an easy scapegoat and they gain time.