In a desperate effort to chain himself and his party  to power Mr. Chryssohoides, Minister for the protection of the citizen (an elegant term meaning  ministry of public order..), has announced the creation of detention centers for illegal immigrants. The very real problem of illegal immigration, a problem Greece shares with the rest of Europe, has become – without ever being named – the central problem of the Greek crisis to the delight of the exreme right neo nazi group “Golden Dawn”. Rising unemployment, poverty and criminality are blamed on the “xenoi” – the foreigners. The Greek public has been trying to comprehend all the new terms of PSI, haircuts, bonds, British law and so on. This latest, subtly suggested reply to the crisis is much more easily understandable.

Foreign workers who visit the social security system are faced with an impatient and aggressive manner by their co-workers. It is easier to blame them than the State which has shrunk the services and the civil servants sector resulting in long hours at endless cues. The lack of nursing stuff at hospitals leads people to look askance at all foreign workers (legal immigrants as well as illegal) who try to get the medical care they pay for.

This situation nurtures the populist demagogy of the extreme right. The power thirsty parties that have governed Greece since World War II pave the way for the entry into Parliament and the central political stage of a neo fascist party. One more crime they are committing in their efforts to “save Greek economy”.