Wednesday morning the Greek Parliament lifted the parliamentary immunity of 6 Golden Dawn Parliament Members. 246 yes votes out of 300 allow Greek courts to sue the GD Members of Parliament for various pending cases: the so –called party has been accused with being a criminal organization and the Public order Minister has openly called them a neo-nazi formation.

In spite of all the revelations about their criminal activities Golden Dawn remains the third party in opinion polls. One more proof of the Greek citizens mistrust and disgust with the existing political personnel.

Thursday night news broadcasts were flooded with reports about an incident between the workers’ union of the Corfu hospital and a group of Health ministry inspectors. The inspectors claimed that they were obstructed in carrying out their mission, that they were isolated in a room and threatened. Health minister, Adonis Georgiadis, was uncharasterically cool about the episode. It is to the government’s interests to keep health care discussions as there are rumors of hefty cuts in health funds. These rumors are fuelled by the lack of the most elemental facilities.

kouneva-1The good news is that a Piraeus Court has ruled for Konstantina Kouneva in her case against Ecomet, her employer company.

Ms Kouneva, a cleaning lady,  had been attacked and seriously injured on the 28th of December 2008 by people unknown as a result of her unionist activities. A Bulgarian immigrant , Ms. Kouneva actively struggled against the exploitation of women immigrant workers and had often been threatened for it. She has been awarded 250.000 Euros damage payment with the amount of 80.000 to be paid immediately.