Greek police is still seeking Ilias Kassidiaris, one of the extreme right MPs recently elected with the Golden Dawn ballot, for assaulting two female left wing MPs during a television panel.

“Kalimera Ellada” – Good morning Greece, is a very popular early morning information show of a conservative channel (Antenna) hosted by George Papadakis, an experienced and popular newsman. The discussion seemed to be developing normally when Rena Dourou, SYRIZA MP, mentioned Mr.Kassidiaris’pending trial for assault and armed robbery.  Mr. Kassidiaris’reaction was to throw a glassfull of water on Ms.Dourou. When Liana Kanelli, Communist Party MP and respected journalist, reacted by throwing a newspaper across the table the enraged neo-nazi MP slapped her across the face and tried to hit her again while Mr. Papadakis tried in vain to restrain him.

During the evening news the channel explained how Ilias Kassidiaris managed to escape breaking a door and threatening the personnel that he would be back with a hundred people.

An arrest warrant has been issued by the prosecutor’s office and Mr. Kassidiaris is in hiding until this moment.

from tvxs - a picture of shame

from tvxs – a picture of shame