Hainis means a rebel in the Cretan dialect. I only learned it because of the band “Hainides” whom I fell in love the very first moment I heard their music. Their sound covers the Mediterrannean and discovers the Balkan side of my roots. Their lyrics, original yet in direct connection with the remotest corners of our part of the world are an awakening. If you cannot be anything else in this world at least be true to yourself, be genuine, connect with other people in any way possible.
Before I start sounding like a whiskey ad (follow your heart… ) I want to tell you that yesterday we went to a music club in Athens and listened to that band which performed there just for two weekends. It was an experience to remember. Using instruments from all over Greece but keeping center stage for the Cretan lira the Hainides managed to take us with them on unknown roads and unimaginable trips. An all age audience listened attentively, danced discreetly and shed a tear when a song moved them beyond the usual.

I am adding two videos – the one is called SYNTAGES MAGIRIKIS =cooking recipes dedicated to artists of the everyday world, like the woman described and her cooking. If you want to listen to more of their music visit their official site: /www.hainides.gr/