Greeks are very fond of the theatre. Athens, in this economic crisis, has an incredible number of theaters, most of them doing well.

This last week we are all taking part in a theatre of the absurd performance. We have a non-existing government, it took us three days to find a Prime Minister and, the worst of all is that we know that Mr. Papadimos can do very little for us.

Like Beckett’s heroes we are waiting for a savior that we know will not come. We are waiting for an ex-machina god that we know is not coming and even if he comes the Greek people are certain that it will mean very little for their daily lives. The conversations in the buses, in the shops, in restaurants are all about how we are going to pay this and that tax, how much our pensions/salaries have shrunk, how we can feed our family on European prices and third world salaries.

Greek politicians have lost their credibility. Mr. Papadimos opened his first statement as a Prime Minister with the sentence : “I am no politician”. It was meant to pacify the Greek public and reassure us.

Last night we heard that the new Ministers would be announced today at 14.00. This morning we were told that they will be announced at 16.00. In the end, who cares?

Solidarity and cooperation among the working people, the unemployed, the youth, the student body is the only way out. We are striving to keep our humanity and our common sense intact in difficult times.