Theofaneia, the commemoration of Christ’s baptismal, is a very important day in the Greek Orthodox calendar. It is also, together with Saint John’s the Baptist celebration on the 7th of January, the time when we expect the bad weather to begin in Greece, when we take down the Christmas decorations and the official end of the festive season.
This year it is a little bit different: there were less decorative lights on balconies, less and cheaper presents were exchanged and the people who “went away” for the holidays were put up by friends and families in their village homes.
In the world of politics – which seems to us, Greek citizens, to be an entirely different universe – ex Prime Minister Mr. Papandreou is trying to keep his party, Panhellenic  Socialist Movement  – better known as  PASOK –  together. Mr. Samaras of New Democracy Party is trying to differentiate his party from the harsh austerity measures of the “transitional” Government of Mr. Papadimos. Mr. Karatzaferis, President of the Greek Orthodox Rally, the third party of the present government,  threatens that unless the other two parties decide to “cooperate  and work for the government” he will revise his support.
The relative euphoria Greek citizens expressed to opinion polls after Mr. Papadimos became Prime Minister has evaporated and with good cause.
After the festive season people are left alone to face debts, unemployment and heavy taxation.  Not a very auspicious beginning for 2012