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Greek opinion polls show SYRIZA win: yet people prefer Samaras as Prime Minister!


Opinion polls in Greece depict, most accurately, the citizens ‘confusion and despair much more than anything else!

Let me share with you the latest one I found on TVXS (a site run by journalist Stelios Kouloglou, who was one of SYRIZA’s candidates for the European Parliament elections). It was conducted nationwide  by RASS from 29 to 31 October on behalf of


As you can see at the graph above, 26.4% of the electorate have chosen SYRIZA, New Democracy has scored 21.1% while the River, the newest addition to the Greek political scene led by Stavros Theodorakis, another journalist, comes third with 5.8%. The Communist Party of Greece reaches 5. 4% ,just 0.3% more than the extreme right wing Golden Dawn. The social democratic PASOK and the right wing Independent Greeks barely make it into Parliament while Democratic Left of Mr. Fotis Kouvelis stays out with 1%!.

On the other hand, the electorate appears divided on the question of early elections. 47.3 consider early elections a catastrophe for the economy while 46.1% hold the opposite view. Mr. Samaras is considered a better bet for Prime Minister by 35.2% while Alexis Tsipras follows with 27.9% thus choosing the leader of New Democracy ahead of the leader of SYRIZA, the party they are going to vote for!

One explanation for this division of public opinion is the role played by the mainstream mass media. According to most of them Greek economy is recovering and a change of government would destroy any chance of ending austerity! The result of this one-sided information has led to mistrust of the media and an increase of internet news sites which people seem to trust more.

The Greek people keep hearing that the Greek economy is recovering but fail to see this recovery mirrored in their living standards. Over taxation, repeated mistakes in its calculation coupled with increasing inefficiency of infrastructure in health care, transportation and education turn citizens into cynical, mistrusting people.


A mixed bag of news, thoughts and arguments

Today is the first really cloudy, autumn like day in Athens. News is rampant from all sides and citizens go about their business with their heads lowered and lost in their thoughts.

The prevalent mood is despair and insecurity. While the government announces that we are on the “road to development” the Troika talks about new taxes and austerity measures.

The neo –nazi formation of Golden Dawn is officially accused of being a criminal organization and its leader is in prison. According to news reports the Greek Parliament will tonight discuss and vote on removing the immunity of three Golden Dawn MPs so that they can be prosecuted. At the same time the Metsovion Polytechnic School staff is staging a concert in memory of the 32 year old anti-fascist rapper murdered by Golden Dawn thugs.

The news broadcasts are dominated by long and detailed reports on Golden Dawn acts: attacks against immigrants, actors, and speeches during which leading members of the fascist organization openly threatened democracy!! To the viewers the reporters’ “surprise” at the Golden Dawn doings is to say the least insulting since it is obvious that they knew the activities and just chose to keep silent.

Three out of eight Greek universities have submitted the names of their administrative staff that can be laid off. The European Commission has given the green light to the takeover of Olympic air (the private company that “bought” the state run Olympic airways) by Aegean air. In this way a state monopoly is replaced by a private monopoly system. In a press statement SYRIZA, major opposition party, underlines the fact that this constitutes a threat to the country’s cohesion.

On the other hand, .there are still people struggling to keep their spirits up and safeguard their livelihoods against all attacks. In Chalkidiki, in Macedonia, in Aghios Panteleimonas in Athens and so on. It is an unfair battle but let us hope that justice and right will prevail over greed and might.


Golden Dawn leaders arrested this morning

Golden Dawn President arrested this morning

Golden Dawn President arrested this morning

Mihalis Mihaloliakos, Golden Dawn President, was arrested this morning together with the party’s Parliament speaker George Kassidiaris.

The two arrests came as a climax after a police probe into the far-right, nazi party’s activities.

It is extremely disturbing that the probe, ordered at the highest level, came only after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in a working class suburb in Piraeus. Several accusations for assault against immigrants and gays have gone unnoticed; the attack, on television, against Greek Communist party and SYRIZA MPs, the siege and subsequent closing down of a progressive theater in central Athens have had no repercussions on the party or its leaders. One of the Nikaia doctors, where Pavlos Fyssas body was taken,  said to reporters that he has had to take care of many immigrants who had been similarly attacked but by less “experienced” killers.

This mild treatment by both the state and the mass media emboldened the members of the party and led to the murder of the anti-fascist, rapper musician.

Cold blooded murder by self avowed fascist in Piraeus Greece

Pavlos Fysas, a 34 year old antifascist rapper, was stubbed to death late last night in Piraeus, the Athens port. The culprit, a 55 year old, was arrested on the spot and admitted his affiliation to the fascist Golden Dawn.

All political parties have condemned the event in harsh terms but a statement by the Public Peace Ministry is still pending.

Greek society is awed by the spiral of violence unleashed by the organisation. Last night’s murder happened days after an attack on Communist Party members, also  in a Piraeus suburb.

News flash from Greece

  • One of the three college students hospitalized in critical condition after inhaling carbon monoxide from a home-made coal burning heating device, is expected to be released tomorrow although he has not been tested for brain damage. The other two are still in critical condition
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  • The PASOK Congress is over amid doubts and questions. Mr. Venizelos and his leading group claim that this is a new start for PASOK. The youth organisation managed to impose its demand that no government appointed officials could be elected to the Central Committee.
  • GoldenDawnHeraklionGolden Dawn extreme right wing party has announced its intention to create nursery schools “for Greeks only”. During an open rally Golden Dawn members of Parliament accused Greek teachers of teaching “communist” doctrines to the children. The resemblance to the apartheid tactics is more than obvious and causes concern in  many circles. Church dignitaries have reacted calling the racist party a danger for society.

Non Greek students: the new targets of Golden Dawn

A while ago, Golden Dawn MPS submitted a parliamentary question asking to know how many non-Greek children are kept in Greek kindergardens.
Emprosnet, a Lesvos local newspaper, reports a new target of the Fascist leaning party: non-Greek students. Ignoring the usual method of asking for information through the Ministry of Education or the Dean’s office one of their MPs addressed an e-mail to all the administrative offices of the University of the Aegean and to all its academic staff. In this brief note Mr. Iliopoulos wants to know the number of Greek and non-Greek students accommodated at the University residences.

According to Emprosnet the message could have been an innocent oversight if the specific party and its practices were not known. The academic community of the Aegean University has tacitly agreed to leave the message unanswered.

Golden Dawn MPs terrorise actors

Golden Dawn MPs accompanied by religious fanatics and at least one priest managed to cancel the openning night of “Corpus Christi”, a play that very few have managed to see or know about. The videos that appeared on social media but also on all major channels were offensive, to say the least. The language used reeked of fascist rhetoric accompanied by swearing and insults. Mr. Pappas, Golden Dawn MP, freed a rioteer from a police car without any resistance by the policemen present. He is being charged.

On the second day, and while the Golden Dawn was once again moving towards the theatre, they were confronted by actors, artists and performers ready to protect their right to view any play they chose. SYRIZA and Democratic Left MPs were also present at what was termed an “anti-rally”. The performance took place normally.

The episode was carried into Parliament by Mr. Kassidiaris, Golden Dawn Parliament Speaker, who did not hesitate to support this act of violent censorship stating that whenever the Golden Dawn thinks that the Greeks’ patriotic or religious feelings are attacked his party would intervene “dynamically”. He also threatened SYRIZA and Democratic Left MPs accusing them of being unpatriotic.

The Actors’Union has issued a statement condemning similar acts of censorship that limit freedom of expression and promised to stand by the specific play and its director and cast.