With less than fifteen days to crucial national elections it is educative to watch the actions of the Greek mass media. Most of the nation-wide private channels operate with temporary licenses, with all the consequences this can have….. When SYRIZA asked in Parliament whether radio and television stations pay the required fees for the air frequencies used the government answer was cryptic…..  The abrupt shutting down of the public television signalled the most massive reaction to the government’s policies from citizens of all parties.

The picture today is disappointing  in the majority of nation wide private tv stations.  News reports are biased, foreign press reports are misrepresented, journalists coordinating panels are practically absent, allowing the loudest to rule the discussion and driving the public away… At a recent poll about what Greek people do most on their pcs the answer was “watch the news”. In a country where information technology is not an everyday word more and more people turn to internet sources to be properly informed about what happens in the world but in their own country too.

I found the best example in “Efimerida ton Syntakton” (it means the “Editors Newspaper”(http://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/mega-polemaei-den-metafrazei). They have a picture from MEGA channel’s news where the name of the rising, Spanish left wing movement “Podemos” is translated as “polemos” which in Greek means war!!! This “lapse” appeared to link SYRIZA with war!!


Lost in  the translation

Lost in the translation

According to SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras the connection between the present government, private banks and private radio and television organisations is cloudy to say the least. When healthy businesses are unable to find loans television channels, already debt-ridden, are given loans without any guarantees…