A new earthquake of 5.7 Richters has come to shatter the relative calm that was returning to the island.

It must be noted that  seismic activity had not ceased during the whole of this week and geologists were warning of the possibility of a new earthquake in the whole of western Greece.

The main port of the island is heavily damaged and all assistance comes from the air. The surface transport system has been broken in many areas and there are crews working to re-connect scattered villages to the main routes.

Citizens whose houses have suffered are asked to stay away. According to inhabitants, who sound scared and confused, they doubt the official reports and state that the road grid is so damaged that several villages have no connection to larger cities, the water supply has been interrupted and the public electric power supply company turns the electricity off in areas where wires have been unearthed to avoid injuries.

The government has sent a parliamentary delegation on the spot to manage the aid mission.