vroxi_533_355It looks like the bad weather all over Europe has reached Greece. Heavy rains and thunderstorms in Athens yesterday and  snowfalsl in Northern Greece and mountainous areas more to the south today together with a sharp drop in temperature signals the arrival of winter in our part of the world.


Due to the crisis and austerity measures there is great concern for the homeless in the large cities. People who cannot afford the price of heating oil or natural gas burn anything they can get their hands on in order to warm up their homes. The result is heavy and asphyxiating smog in Athens and its suburbs.36-1--3-thumbsmog


Reports from Cephalonia or Kephalonia- as pronounced in Greek- mention damages in the power grid and problems in the water supply after today’s  earthquake. People who live in old buildings have been advised not to return to their homes. There are still after-shakes and the schools will remain closed tomorrow Monday.