It has been two weeks since the Greek Radio Television signal became a black screen. This seemingly innocent act – compared to the selling off of a large number of public property and plans being hatched for even more- has managed to break up the tripartite government, cause a reshuffling (yet to be finalised tonight) and bring back to the fore talks of extraordinary elections.

While the ERT Mansion is still being run by the fired ERT employees and journalists unions, with concerts and daily performances by popular bands the rest of the country is trying to solve the mysteries of submitting tax returns electronically!! Out of 6.000.000 tax payers less than 100.000 have completed and submitted their tax returns and the government is considering an extension of the deadline (30 June). The rumors of further cuts in public health services, the practical disaster of the building sector and the merging of yet more schools in the coming year make the whispers about extraordinary elections seem absolutely logical.

Will the New Democracy and PASOK government have a better opportunity in Autumn when harsher measures will be implemented? Doubtful.

So, we carry on with more insecurity and a continuously receding standard of living waiting for the disaster to strike.