Full moon tonight and the crowd around the ERT Megaron (Mansion – in free translation) seems to have shrunk a little. High temperatures have driven many of the protesters to the beaches during the day but they are expected to be back in the evening. The ERT employees are holding a general assembly to decide how to react to the Ministry of Economy directive to evacuate the ERT headquarters.

The two-party government is still planning its re-shuffling while the social media and a reputable right wing daily report that some of Mr. Fotis Kouvelis associates estimate that their party was practically forced out of the government.

Sporadic fires have broken out in the Attica region and we are all crossing our fingers since there has been very little preparation for this usual summer emergency.

A friend phoned me with the news that there are – more – rumors about hospitals closing down or merging with other hospitals.

As you understand, there are no definite news to report today. I will try to post a picture of the beautiful Athens moon tomorrow!