Mr.Alecos Alavanos (picture from

Mr.Alecos Alavanos (picture from

Mr. Alecos Alavanos, former MEP and former Chairman of the Coalition of the Left of Movements – one of the major components of SYRIZA- has, at last put into words what seems to be on many Greek citizens mind recently: we can survive without the Euro. At a press Conference to day Mr. Alavanos announced the creation of a new political party whose most impressive characteristic is its proposal to return to the drachma.

At an interview with Nikos Evangelatos of today Alexandros Alavanos claimed that his Plan B, a return to the drachma, would make Greece and Greek products and services much more competitive and would lead to the desired development.

The founding Assembly of “Plan B” which is the name of the new political entity will take place in Athens on May 14-15.

Will Mr. Alavanos cut the Gordian knot? He has the right name at least