• One of the three college students hospitalized in critical condition after inhaling carbon monoxide from a home-made coal burning heating device, is expected to be released tomorrow although he has not been tested for brain damage. The other two are still in critical condition
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  • The PASOK Congress is over amid doubts and questions. Mr. Venizelos and his leading group claim that this is a new start for PASOK. The youth organisation managed to impose its demand that no government appointed officials could be elected to the Central Committee.
  • GoldenDawnHeraklionGolden Dawn extreme right wing party has announced its intention to create nursery schools “for Greeks only”. During an open rally Golden Dawn members of Parliament accused Greek teachers of teaching “communist” doctrines to the children. The resemblance to the apartheid tactics is more than obvious and causes concern in  many circles. Church dignitaries have reacted calling the racist party a danger for society.