Demonstration in front of the Greek Parliament.

Demonstration in front of the Greek Parliament.

The post mortem examination of the two Greek college students who were found dead in Larissa yesterday revealed that their death was due to inhalation of carbon monoxide. According to their landlady, who spoke to Antenna tv station, they had told her that they could not afford heating oil and would try to find other means to warm their apartment. The make shift “heater” is the cause of this tragedy. The other three students are still in a critical condition and the people of Larissa are still shocked.

The incident fuelled the anger of the people against the government which has stolidly refused to reduce the price of heating oil in spite of the bad weather and of course financial condition of most households. Demonstrations were organized by students’associations in many Greek towns.

According to TVXS the Athens Medical Association has called on Mr. John Stournaras, Finance Minister, to change his politics which has turned heating to a luxury item. “Cheap” solutions cost dear in human lives.

SYRIZA, Coalition of Radical Left, has issued a statement claiming that they had issued warnings to the government about the repercussions of expensive electricity and heating oil which not only ignored them but also accused the left wing opposition party of being populist.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Independent Greeks party also accuse the government of being blind to the needs of Greek society and servile towards its lenders.