After three weeks of holidays – perfect holidays when everything is done for you before you ask and you feel all warm inside- I am back in Athens and reality

  • Amateurish explosives set off by unknown culprits endanger human lives and the government blames everyone else except its own inefficiency.
  • Tax evasion is galloping while the Parliament spends one and a half day discussing how they will vote about the possible criminal actions of a former finance minister and his alleged covering up of afore mentioned tax evasion.
  •  Unemployment skyrockets while EU funding for jobs goes unclaimed.
  • Racist attacks continue unabated: the last straw was the murder of a Pakistani immigrant on his way to work. The two young Greek perpetrators, according to news broadcasts, claim they killed him because he blocked their way!

It is no wonder so many young people immigrate. One can struggle against poverty, unemployment, heavy taxation, criminality but one needs hope to do so and this does not seem to come from any quarter.

Greek public opinion blames politicians for all the evils that have befallen the country. Ms. Merkel comes a very close second. On the other hand no one sees the Greek people’s part of the problem: we have contributed to this situation and we have contributed greatly. This grim truth needs to be stated and a new political personnel, which will not carry the stain of being part of the problem, needs to be elected. We need fair elections, a government that will convince us they mean to practice what they preach and then we may have a chance to turn things around. Until that happens survival is the order of the day.