The leaders of the three parties which comprise the Greek government are still in a meeting trying to come to an agreement regarding the new austerity measures.

The difficulty has risen due to the new labour laws proposed. Fotis Kouvelis’Democratic Left party has stated that they cannot agree with such measures while PASOK is hesitatingly discussing them.
The new austerity measures, including the labour laws proposed, have to be ratified by the Greek Parliament. This move has already caused casualties: a New Democracy MP has been expelled from the party Parliamentary Group while a Demoocratic Left MP left his party’s Parliamentary Group on his own.
Alexis Tsipras, leader of SYRIZA, stated during an interview that these will be the first austerity measures that will not be ratified by the Parliament.
It is true that the Troika intervention in the private sector of the economy is regarded as utterly irregular and beyond their jurisdiction.