Today, 18 October 2012, Greece goes on general strike. Public and private sector employees, the small businesses, taxi drivers, public hospital doctors have announced their participation through their unions. Air traffic controllers will stop working between 10 and 13.00 to express their support to the strike. Aegean Airlines have announced two international flights cancellation while local flights will be jeopardised as well.

They must not pass - the new measures which will annihilate society and economy

The GSEE and ADEDY poster for the October 18 mobilisation

Primary and High School teachers have joined the strike.
Buses, metro and the urban train operate normally after 9 o’clock to allow the protesters to reach the gathering points. Trolleys will not work at all together with intercity trains (mainly the Athens Thessalonini network, from what one can gather from their statements).
The strike has gained momentum due to the extremely harsh new austerity measures still under discussion within the government but also at the EU Summit Meeting taking place today.
The demonstrators will gather at various points and as usual converge outside the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square.
11 o’clock, in Pedion Areos (a square near the General Confederation of Greek Workers headquarters) is the official meeting point of the demonstrators. We shall report from there from now on.