Out of the many reports that one hears about racist (mainly..) attacks perpetrated against immigrants I chose to relate you the following: A young man of Greek Egyptian parentage got off the bus at a central spot in Athens. He was the only foreign looking passenger and thus a gang of 3 black dressed, chain waving thugs attacked him instantly swearing at him in Greek. He realised that they thought he was not Greek and started addressing them in Greek. The vicious attack continued while the dogs they had with them threatened to tear him to pieces. The victim managed to get away while the passers by remained passive, possibly frightened or just shocked. When the bleeding man reached the police station he was conducted to a hospital where it was confirmed that one of his eyes was so injured that he would never recover full sight again!

This story struck me as I happen to have been born in Egypt myself. My Greek parents, who were also both born there, repatriated in 1956 and my father died saying that Egypt and its people were the best he had ever known. The man mentioned above also said that there are still many Greeks living in Cairo and Alexandria and they are treated as full citizens.

I mention this to add to the already expressed, during the attack against HYTYRION theatre, position that extreme right thugs, under the umbrella of the Golden Dawn party and its Parliamentary representation, belief of mine that the racial hatred attacks are the heralds of much worse. Anyone who is not “with them” is against them and they are entitled, no, they are duty bound, to annihilate them. Greek society, living in a constant state of fear and shock, has been taken by surprise. It is my belief that the democratic reflexes of the vast majority of the citizens of this country will soon settle in. It is the duty of all progressive and democratic forces to join against this common danger.