Ms.Merkel’s 6 hour visit to the Greek capital has added fuel to the ongoing conflict between Government and working people.
The General Confederation of Greek Workers (private sector) together with the Civil Servants Central Union have called for a rally today, Monday, at 6pm.
Ms Merkel’s arrival will be hailed with several protests all over the country. In the uproar caused there is confusion about who is going where. SYRIZA, the main opposition party, is calling its members and supporters to take part in the Monday 8 October rally (Syntagma Square – 18.00)but also to renew their protest – demonstration on Tuesday, at 13.00 during the Merkel – Samaras meeting.

On Tuesday there will also be a work stoppage from 11.oo to 13.00 in protest for the austerity measures and the Merkel visit.
It has already been announce by Police Headquarters that the Metro Station in Syntagma will be closed both days.
On the other hand, the Independent Greeks right wing party President Panayotis Kamenos stated that: “Ms Merkel’s visit should be accompanied by the appearance of a Greek flag on every Greek home to stress that Greece is an independent country and this independence is not negotiable. “We shall wait for her outside the German Embassy at 18.00”, he added, “to send her the message that she must first deliver the Christoforakos lists, she must first divulge the names of the bribed politicians, first she must repay the War loan and the reparations and then we can negotiate on an equal footing”.
Manolis Glezos, Resistance veteran and Chairman of the Committee for the German World War II Reparations published an “open letter” to the German Chancellor inviting her to visit Kessariani and the executions’site and asking her to remember her country’s obligations and not only the obligations of Greece towards her country.