A weak earthquake (4,9 Richter) shook Athens awake this morning. The epicenter was 30 Kilometers north of Corinth and there are no reports of any damages.

The centers of Athens and Thessaloniki will be closed to traffic all day to mark the European no-cars day.

According to reports Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air, the two private companies operating in Greece at the moment, are concerned over their losses and plan “austerity measures” of their own. There are unconfirmed rumors that the present Government plans to privatise regional airports. This of course means that usage costs will skyrocket for the airlines which are at the moment pressing the Athens International Airport to lower its fees. Eleftherios Venizelos has in the past been labeled as one of the most expensive European airports and international airlines have also applied for lower fees. In a country that relies heavily on tourism anything that threatens affordable transport acquires larger dimensions. At the same time, remote islands risk staying without means of rapid transport in an emergency.