One more murderous attack against immigrants has come to confirm the rise of racist violence in our country. Many incidents remain unreported. The latest one took place in Agii Anargyroi, a working class municipality in Western Athens against two Pakistani immigrants who have lived in Greece for the last 18 years, hold a working permit and were thus able to report the incident without the fear of deportation.
According to the NGO “United against racism and the fascist threat” neighbours reported three suspicious men watching the house for days. The newspaper “Ethnos” reported that the next day and in the same neighbourhood a large group armed with chains and clubs attacked another immigrants’ home.
The Agii Anargiri City Council issued a resolution condemning the racist violence attacks in their city. The resolution also called on the citizens to show no tolerance to such attacks and asked the police to take all the necessary measures to prevent such phenomena and arrest the culprits of such incidents.