The 77th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair opened its gates today in a different atmosphere than normal. Since its creation the Trade Fair had become the forum for the annual economic policy statement. The Government would announce its plans for the next year and the opposition would comment on it.
This year, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras inaugurated the Fair at 10 in the morning, met with the organizing committees and flew back to Athens. Instead of the customary keynote speech he made a brief statement assuring once again that the measures to be announced are the last ones. The usual press Conference never took place.
This adds to the feeling of insecurity and fear prevalent in Greek society. The working people are watching with awe the tripartite government discussing endlessly the austerity measures that will yield the 11,5 billion Euros required to satisfy the public debt.
The General Confederation of Greek Workers organized a rally in Thessaloniki while PAME, the Unions affiliated to the Communist Party of Greece, organized a parallel one!
Things are peaceful but the citizens of Thesaloniki were upset at seeing their city become a “fortress”.