I learned the word “diazoma” when I went to book my first ticket for the Epidaurus Theater. “Upper diazoma” is the highest part of the seats, the cheapest. “Lower diazoma” is the bottom part.
In modern Greece DIAZOMA is a non – profit organization striving to preserve, enhance and integrate into contemporary life the ancient theatres of Greece. Its slogan is “Adopt an ancient theater” and theater lovers have responded to it most generously. It is amazing how many ancient theaters there are and how much their preservation costs. But what is even more amazing is the willingness of the Greek citizens, locally and abroad, but also of foreign culture affecionados to contribute to this effort.
Each theatre has its own “money box” and you can follow developments and money contributions and how the budget is developing easily and effortlessly. Schools, Cultural Heritage groups, theatrical groups, writers’associations and individuals contribute to restore the theater in their town or area. Apart from the well known ones of Herodus Atticus, Epidaurus and Delphi the association is working for the restoration of the theater in Aharnais, a working class Athens suburb, the theater of Orhomenos, in Arcadia, the theater in Lindos and many others.
A message of hope in a society steeped in misery and despair.