The high temperatures that tormented Greece for over a week have receded. Unfortunately the winds that we always welcomed at this time of the year, the“meltemia” ,from the Turkish “meltem” meaning a seasonal wind, have become a nightmare. While they help us by cooling the atmosphere they also help arsonists and forest fires…

On the social scene both temperatures and tempers are rising! The tripartite government is still discussing how to collect the 11.5 billion Euros outstanding without further cuts on low pensions and civil servants ‘salaries. The “red lines” of each government partner must be respected; no party involved wants to be blamed for the austerity measures thence the endless negotiations.
In the meantime, the municipalities are faced with severe cuts in their grants and cannot fulfill the services they are supposed to provide to their citizens. A rally organized yesterday Wednesday by municipalities ‘workers ended with scuffles with the police special forces.