Racial hatred attacks have increased in Greece.Members of the tri-partite Government have been forced to make hesitant statements. Specifically, Minister of Justice Mr. Antonis Roupakiotis (originates from Democratic Left) said that: “the rise of racist attacks has started to acquire especially dangerous characteristics” while Democratic Left MP Prof. Panousis stressed that “such crimes poison our society”. The PASOK representative stated that the center of Athens must become secure again for its inhabitants. This, according to Mr. Triantafyllou, is the answer to the wave of violence against immigrants.
The attacks reached a climax when a young Iraqui immigrant was murdered by a group of five people in the center of Athens at 4 o’clock in the morning on the 12th of August. Mr. Dendias, Public order Minister (originates from New Democracy) stated that he has already asked the Head of the Athens Police to give priority to this crime and that the perpetrators will be dealt with mercilessly.
At the same time there was uproar with a Face book post by a Golden Dawn fan which implied that he was part of the murder. According to TVXS the same man contacted the station and claimed that he was just joking with his friends.

Racial attacks have happened in the provinces as well. In Heraklion the Immigrants’Forum contacted the public prosecutor and asked him to examine the cases.

Reactions by the opposition

SYRIZA claims that the government handling of criminality has led to a circle of violence that has no end. The major opposition party calls on the government to formulate “cohesive” policies for immigration and for the fight against crime.
The Communist party of Greece accused the government that its own “Xenios Zeus” anti-immigrant project fuels racist feelings and racial attacks. “The same people who promote anti-immigrant feelings seek to hide the causes of immigration and exploit the phenomenon instead”.