One of the good things we heard this morning: finally the Greek state managed to sign the documents for the sale of the 4 airbuses of the now privatised Olympic Airways. When the sale of the airline went through back in 2009 Marfin, the new owner, refused to buy them. The greek state has been paying thousands of Euros for the last three years for the airbuses’ “parking” in the Eleftherios Venizelos airport and a minimal maintenance.
According to NET the price achieved today is six times lower than in 2009.

Olympic airways busses rotting at the old airport

Would you be optimistic about the privatizations announced by Mr. Antonis Samaras? If so visit the old airport and feast your eyes on the completely wasted bus fleet of the Olympic airways. These cars were left to rot while the state pays taxis to carry pupils from villages to schools, or coaches to take pensioners on short trips.