A new government, largely composed of New Democracy politicians with a sprinkle – literally- of PASOK and Democratic Left influence, was announced on Thursday and the swearing in ceremony will take place today.
The reactions are still lukewarm since everybody is waiting for the government’s programmatic commitments.
Here are the names with as much information as I thought would help us to understand the identity of this government. Firstly, let us notice the number of Ministers, Deputy Ministers etc: the ministerial council is made up of 39 people with only two women among them. The size of this government has already been criticized as too large,too masculine and too much to the right.
Mr.Antonis Manitakis, well known and respected professor, very close to the Democratic Left, is the new Minister of Administrative Reform and electronic governance. Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights is Mr Roupakiotis, also of the Democratic Left, well known lawyer who has served as chairman of the Athens ‘Lawyers Association.
Mr. Vassilis Repanos, one of the PASOK favourites, is the new Finance Minister.
Mr. Athanassios Tsaftaris is the second PASOK influence and heads the Agricultural Development and Foodstuffs Ministry.
All others are connected to New Democracy or belong to its sphere of influence.
Mr.Dimitris Avramopoulos – Foreign Affairs Minister
Mr.Euripides Stylianoudis – Interior Affairs Minister
Mr.Panos Panayotopoulos – Defense Minister
Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, ministry of Development, Transport and Networks.
Mr.Kostas Mousouroulis, Maritime and Aegean Minister
Mr. Evangelos Livieratos, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos Education Minister
Mr. Yiannis Vroutsis, Labour and Social Security Minister
Mr. Andreas Lykourentzos, Health and Social Solidarity Minister
Mr. Nikos Dendias, Public Order Minister
Ms Olga Kefaloyianni, Tourism MinisterΥπουργείο Τουρισμού
Mr. Theodoros Karaoglou, Minister of Thrace and Macedonia.
Finally, Mr. Simos Kedikoglou has been appointed Government spokesman.