69.19 % of the votes have been counted and the results so far are as follows:

New Democracy, the right wing party has 30.13%, The Coalition of the Radical Left received 26,47%, PASOK (The Panhellenic Socialist Movement) 12.67%,  the party of the Independent Greeks – a right wing split from New Democracy  7.43%, Golden Dawn – a nationalist extreme right party 6.94%, the Democratic left – a renovative left party 6.05% and the Communist Party of Greece 4.50%. No other party has managed to reach the 3% threshold to enter parliament.

At a first glance my estimation is that the Greek electoral body acted on the motto “better the devil you know”, a motto strengthened by an unbelievable campaign of terror that had echoes of cold war arguments.

The most disturbing result is of course that of the Golden Dawn, an extreme right, xenophobic, nationalist party that has been blamed for many violent incidents against immigrants and for physically attacking two female left wing MPs during a television panel discussion.