I borrow the very apt title of an article by Stelios Kouloglou on his info site Tvxs (in Greek it means television without frontiers) to try and give you the atmosphere on Greek mass media and television in particular.http://tvxs.gr/news/omada-tvxs/oi-apeiles-tis-imeras-kai-oi-ntopioi-empneystes-toys-toy-stelioy-koylogloy

The effort to disorientate the Greek citizens on the eve of elections is reaching hysteria proportions. Everyday there is a new catastrophe that will befall the country if the responsible proponents of adherence to the rules of the loan agreement are not elected: instead of learning what the parties propose their representatives explain most graphically what will happen if SYRIZA is elected. The “return to the drachma” is the most popular scenario with the immigration issue a close second.

While all parties agree that a “renegotiation”of the loan agreement terms is imperative they cannot agree on the method of this “renegotiation”.

In the meantime, Golden Dawn is left alone to “enforce the law” against immigrants (irrespective of whether they are legal or not)in neighbourhoods with real problems thus earning the reputation of the protector of the weak!! Greek society does not seem to realise that this political formation is a neo-nazi organisation and they are viewed as a mixture of psychotic, problematic youth and nationalist bravado.