The mandate to form a government, which “circulated” for a week among the three parties which scored the best results, is now in the hands of the State President Mr. Karolos Papoulias. Right now, 13.00 on Sunday May 13 2012, the three leaders – Mr. Antonis Samaras of New Democracy, Mr. Alexis Tsipras of SYRIZA and Mr. Evangelos Venizelos of PASOK, are meeting in order to make one more effort to overcome their differences and form a government.

Tsipras is to blame for everything and dont call for your mom. He is sending her to Siberia

The situation today is that, with the intervention of Democratic Left ( it scored 6,11% and got 19 seats in Parliament), a government could be formed with the participation of New Democracy, PASOK, SYRIZA and themselves. Mr. Kouvelis’ proposal is faced favorably by all parties except SYRIZA, the only party that is totally against the memoranda signed by the previous governments. While every effort is made to blame this non-cooperation on SYRIZA it must be noted that there are enough seats and numbers for the other three parties to go forward. The insistence of Mr. Kouvelis can be interpreted in many ways: the three parties want SYRIZA to get involved in order to discredit it but also to use it as a left wing alibi but also they want to avoid the blame for the policies that brought Greece to the economic chaos of today and undermined its social cohesion.

“The popular vote was clear: a change of policy is obligatory. How can we take part in a government that will continue with these policies? These three parties cannot understand that there is another way to negotiate, there is a third way ” was the unofficial statement from SYRIZA according to a state television journalist.