Just before elections Mr. Chryssohoidis, Civil Protection Minister, decided to crack down on illegal immigration. At the same time, just before elections, Mr. Loverdos, Health Minister, made a statement that illegal immigration is a “health bomb ready to explode”, meaning that immigrants are carriers of rare and wonderful diseases that were extinct in Greece.

One week before elections a Russian prostitute was caught “practicing her trade” without papers. When she was found to be HIV positive the two Ministers and the media had a party for a whole day: their theories had been proved true. The next day their bubble blew – ten more prostitutes were arrested and were all HIV positive and on top of that they were all Greek citizens!!

More than 3000 Greek ( I presume – no nationalities were mentioned in this context…) males phoned the first day to arrange a test for AIDS. The next day they reached 6000 with old age pensioners among them…..

The media went forward with their hot issue publishing the pictures of the prostitutes but not those of the “clients”.

The only consolation is that the crisis is good for the libido. Like the old slogan “Make love not war”….