The immigration issue was on SyntagmaTrue to its craving for power at all costs PASOK – through the Ministers of Health and social security Mr. Loverdos and Citizens’protection Mr. Chrysohoidis – is using the illegal immigration issue to attract votes.

The creation of immigrants’ concentration camps was announced as a measure to curb criminality in the Athens historic center. While the issue is real and pressing the project was presented without any concrete planning, without any previous discussion with the communities that would be called upon to host the camps and without any preparation of Greek society. What has really happened is that this move has re-enforced the right wing propaganda that illegal immigration is to blame for the high unemployment rate and the rise of petty crimes in Greece.

Human rights organizations and left wing parties have submitted a number of proposals regarding the issue but have met with the government’s inability to fund the smallest project and its unwillingness to claim funds from the EU for the specific issue which is an all European one.

Mr. Chryssohoides, who publicly admitted that he signed the first Mnemonium without reading it is desperately seeking a way to ingratiate himself to his voters. Mr. Loverdos stands by him stating that illegal immigrants are a health hazard but making no proposals about how to face this hazard – how could he since he cannot deal with the health hazards of legal Greek citizens.

So, there is a whole speculation game played around the issue aiming at political gains and nothing more. The illegal immigration issue is used as a Trojan horse to create impressions without any real and tangible results.