During the week end PASOK – Panhellenic Socialist Movement – held a national Conference.

I tried to listen to Mr. Papandreou’s speech ( he spoke for more than an hour) out of simple curiosity. My conclusion is Mr. Papandreou lives in another country! He insisted that for two years he has been saving Greece from bankruptcy (!)  without mentioning that his party and himself had actually led the country into bankruptcy during their 30 year rule; no self criticism, not the slightest hint of self reproach. If a foreigner was to listen to Mr. Papandreou’s words he would think Greece is Eldorado, the perfect country with the perfect system and the happiest citizens!

On the other hand, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, the present Minister of Finances and a candidate for the leadership of the party, appeared more down to earth, expressed his regrets for the situation of the country and stated that PASOK must rediscover its social roots and values. He would have been more convincing if he had made this speech at a non pre-electoral period, when opinion polls show PASOK below 10%!

The crucial question was not the state of the country, the suggestions for an exit from the crisis but the future leader of PASOK!!

The last, decisive, master stroke to complete the farce is that Mr. Venizelos is the ONLY candidate for the PASOK leadership!! PASOK members are urged to go and vote for him – do not ask why.. Mr. Venizelos has to prove that PASOK still has members and in addition they care!

In the following video an elderly PASOK member throws a yoghurt pack at the future leader!