In a country that is literally going to the dogs, where people commit suicide because they are unable to pay their debts and support their families, where the PASOK(Panhellenic Socialist movement – also the majority party in the Greek Parliament) employees go to the community kitchens because they are unpaid for a few months, the Minister for the protection of the Citizen (it actually means that he is responsible for the citizens’ security, for the police force and all its branches) Mr. Christos Papoutsis resigned from his post not because of the police brutal behaviour or the recent catastrophic fires in Athens during the recent demonstrations,but because he wants to take part in the elections to be held soon for the PASOK leadership!!

Mr. Papoutsis’resignation caused today’s mini reshuffle. A reshuffle that caused a lot of speculation not so much for the “new arrivals” but for what it means in connection with the national elections that are often spoken of but not for a specific date.

Mihalis Chrysohoidis, who has already served an eight year term as Public Order Minister has moved back to his old post.


Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou who has had a controversial term as Education Minister has moved to the Ministry of Development.

Prof. Babiniotis - Ms.Anna Diamantopoulou

The appointment of Prof. George Babiniotis to the post of Minister of Education was a surprise. Professor Babiniotis is no politician – as he stated on his first day at the Ministry but his successful carreer as an educator augurs well for this key ministry.

The discussion on the Greek media is how much can any of the new Ministers achieve in a 30 or 60 day period. The insecurity of the situation feeds the citizens’mistrust towards the present Government.