On the 7th of March the Dodecanese islands celebrate their integration to the Greek State. This year the parade was livened with attacks against the politicians present: verbal abuse was followed by yoghurt and water bottle throwing. The incidents did not stop until the political personnel present left the parade. Eight people were arrested on the spot but only two were actually charged.

The most disturbing fact is the comments made on the social media: “Rhodes was the rehearsal. The independence day will be opening night”.

The 25th of March is Greek independence day. It marks the beginning of the revolution against the Ottoman Empire. Parades and celebrations happen all over the country. The Greek public is looking for any opportunity to express its anger and mistrust of the political elite. Independence day is a great opportunity since it embodies patriotism to its highest degree and in spite of what is said to the opposite the majority of Greeks feel threatened and slandered as a nation.
25th of March 2012 will definitely be a “special day”.

You can see a video of the Rhodes incidents on the following link: