The Greek citizens have been waiting for three days – yes, three whole days – for the bi-party leaderships to agree on what? On forming a government and appointing a new Prime Minister!!

This feat has not yet been achieved. While waiting, the Greek people have been living with the fear of new taxes and cuts being imposed.

The European Union leadership, on the other hand, is concerned only with the payment of the debt. It is worth wondering whether European leaders realize that they were elected to serve their people and not their banks and corporations.

Presently, the Greek public is still waiting for PASOK and New Democracy to form a government and nominate a Prime Minister. In the meantime both parties have agreed on the date of the elections.

The argument of the left wing parties, which is echoed by the “enraged” movement, is that the present government is illegal. They ask for elections in order to have a government that will represent the present relation of power in the Parliament.

At the moment, the Council of Ministers is meeting and we are expecting developments any moment.