Mikis Theodorakis, the world-famous Zorba the Greek music composer, continues to be a shiny example for the intellectuals of our country. I do not necessarily agree with all his actions and statements but when an old and sick man has the courage to speak out against the selling of state-owned land I respect him.

On Friday, September 16, Mr. Theodorakis held a concert in the old airport of Athens to promote the idea of a park. The future of this particularly precious land is questionable. While the citizens of the area, environmentalists and people’s movements want it to become a public park, a place of recreation, the government, in its desperate effort to find money, is looking for buyers!!

In order to understand the importance of this decision one has to keep in mind the situation of Athens, its lack of open spaces, its lack of green and how densely populated the city is.

Standing around and listening to Theodorakis emotional music we could not help but think what this sea-side park would offer to the neighbours but to Athenians in general too. The temperature was at least 5 degrees lower than our homes and reminded us of the importance of allowing this breeze to reach our monstrously planned capital.

The Polytechnic School of Athens has submitted a project to the Greek Government about how best to organize and utilise the 5000 acres of the old airport but without response till now.

“Do not weep for the Greeks, with a knife on their throat, tied up in chains they still rise and start all over again and strike at the enemy with a trident made of sun” – this was the song chosen by Mikis to finish the concert. I changed the word “Greeks” with the expression “working people” and was in perfect agreement.