Antonis Samaras, President of the right wing New Democracy party, spoke tonight in Thessaloniki, in Velidion Conference Center.

His speech was awaited with great interest because it came right after a brief phone discussion with Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

The focus of his speech was on the need for elections and the rejection of any form of coalition government. He asked for a “strong government” after the elections. He started his speech saying: “last year I spoke about what I planned to do. This year I am telling you what I am going to do”.

Among his proposals was a re-negotiation of the Memorandum, a tax cut for both businesses and working people, faster privatisations, better use of the country’s natural resources, constitutional reforms and a war against bureaucracy to promote investments.

The  audience was so large that the podium had to be moved to accommodate television broadcasting. The slogan behind Mr. Samaras was “Greeks can” in English and the same phrase was repeated in his speech innumerable times.